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Breweries & Distilleries

Breweries & Distilleries

Many Australians consider draught a quintessential feature of any reputable bar or restaurant.

So, why would it be any different for a brewery or distillery offering their premium beverages to customers?

We all love the freshness of an icy cold schooner
poured straight from the tap

Without preaching to the clergy, we all know that beer stays fresher when stored cold, and freshness is the hallmark of an exceptional beer. You want to offer your product at its best, with no compromise of quality. Our keg systems deliver that experience.

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·FAST SERVICE with multiple serving stations for your staff

·PRODUCT VARIETY with up to eight taps for your beers, ciders and cocktails

·HIGH CAPACITY with 600+ schooners served before changing a keg

·FUNCTION CATERING with a mobile bar to service anywhere in the venue

·LESS MAINTENANCE with clean lines in a refrigerated system

·FRESHER BEER preserved ten-times longer when refrigerated

A brewery or distillery wanting to impress customers needs to offer a remarkable draught experience.

Kegs Off Tap are specialists in keg systems, with over ten years in the industry.

Our specialist team understands the requirements particular to your business and venue.


Give us a call today on 1300 633 827 (OFF TAP)

to ensure you find the ideal system for your tap room.


Increase revenue


Increase operational efficency


Reduce maintenance

Key considerations when choosing the
perfect draught system for your brewery:

· How much space is required?
· How many taps do we need?
· Can we have shelving for bottles and cans?
· Are we able to integrate the drip tray?
· Can we mount the font to the benchtop?
· Where do we install the gas bottle?
· How many kegs will fit inside the fridge and what combination?

We recognise the unique circumstances of each business demand a tailored solution. Our extensive range of draught beer systems will ensure the perfect fit for your cafe, bar or restaurant.

We understand that it can be difficult to manage keg orders through multiple suppliers. Kegs Off Tap offers the widest range of beer, cider, wine and spritz kegs delivered to your door. One order, one delivery, one invoice.

KEGS-OFF-TAP-The perfect draught beer system for your brewery-DESKTOP

The perfect draught beer system for your brewery


Why Kegs Off Tap?


Why Kegs Off Tap? We offer the largest range of direct-draw mobile bar solutions in Australia.

Our specialist team are available to advise on the perfect system for your business, based on your particular requirements.

Our tropical-rated systems are suitable for any outdoor environment above 32C°

Staff education and support.

Give us a call today on 1300 OFF TAP (633 827)
to get the draught beers pouring!


Choosing the perfect draught system

Decide on your ideal kegerator in three simple steps:

Dimensions Capacity Schooners Ideal Product Image
W600 x D640 x H890
1x 50L keg
W600 x D650 x H890
1x 50L keg
W900 x D708 x H890
2x 50L kegs
W585 x D791 x H985
1x 50L keg
W1467 x D714 x H1067
3x 50L DIN
W1727 x D714 x H1067
4x 50L DIN & 2x 20L
W2267 x D714 x H1067
5x 50L DIN & 2x 20L
W600 x D780 x H1020
1x 50L keg
W1240 x D620 x H1035
2x 50L & 1x 20L
W1850 x D620 x H1035
3x 50L DIN & 1x 20L
W1495 x D705 x H1010
3x 50L
W2300 x D710 x H1010
5x 50L DIN & 2x 20L

* capacity calculated based on 49.5L ‘Lion’ DIN and 20L ‘Torpedo’ kegs

Do you have questions? Call us now on 1300 633 827 or request a callback from one of our draught beer specialists:

See examples of Kegs Off Tap solutions




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